Creating a New Administrator Account on Mac

May 21, 2016 Ryan Murphy
  1. Launch System Preferences by clicking its icon in the Dock. 
  2. Click the ‘Accounts’ icon to open the Accounts preferences panel.
  3. Click the lock icon. You will be asked to provide the password for the administrator account you are currently using. Enter your password, and click the ‘OK’ button. 
  4. Click the plus (+) button located below the list of user accounts. 
  5. The New Account sheet will appear. 
  6. Select ‘Administrator’ from the dropdown menu of account types. 
  7. Enter the name for this account in the ‘Name’ field. This is usually the individual’s full name, such as Tom Nelson. 
  8. Enter a nickname or shorter version of the name in the 'Short Name' field. In my case, I would enter ‘tom.’ Short names shouldn’t include spaces or special characters, and by convention, use only lower case letters. Your Mac will suggest a short name; you can accept the suggestion or enter the short name of your choice. 
  9. Enter a password for this account in the ‘Password’ field. You can create your own password, or click the key icon next to the ‘Password’ field and the Password Assistant will help you generate a password. 
  10. Enter the password a second time in the ‘Verify’ field. 
  11. Enter a descriptive hint about the password in the ‘Password Hint’ field. This should be something that will jog your memory if you forget your password. Do not enter the actual password.
  12. Click the ‘Create Account’ button. 
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