Downloading your Mock Exam

May 21, 2016 Ryan Murphy

If your institution or jurisdiction had made a mock exam available to your account you can follow these steps below. Most jurisdictions will allow multiple downloads of the mock exam to prepare for the upcoming Bar Exam. To download an additional mock exam, please follow the instructions below:

The following steps are for both Mac and Windows:

  1. Click on the SofTest icon. SofTestIcon.jpg
  2. Click on Download Exam Files.
  3. Enter your ID and Password then click Next.
  4. When you get a list of exams, select the Mock Exam and click on the Download button. If the Mock Exam not in the list of exams, please select Done, select Take an Exam, and see if it is in the drop down menu. *If the mock exam is not in the Take an Exam section, and is not listed under the Available Exam section in the Download Exam Files section, please contact ExamSoft.


  5. Click on OK on the pop-up 'Success' box.Click Done on the 'Download Exams' box.SofTestsuccessfuldownload.jpg

  6. You can now follow the steps on How To Take a Mock Exam.



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