Logging into SofTest-M

May 21, 2016 Ryan Murphy

If SofTest-M detects no existing registration, it will prompt you to register. Once downloaded, your first step will be to enter in your institution ID that is unique to your institution. If you forgot your institution ID you can select the link below displayed in the picture and an email will be sent to you with this information.

Next, you will need to register your account by entering in your ExamSoft ID and the corresponding password. 


You will then be presented with a confirmation screen verifying successful registration.SofTest Registration Confirmation

If you experience a registration difficulty, make sure that WiFi is enabled and if so, that you have a stable connection to the Internet. Also make sure that “Airplane Mode” is not currently enabled. Furthermore, check to see if the WiFi you are connected to has a firewall. If so, an exception may need to be added to it.


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Logging into SofTest
Logging into SofTest

This guide will review how to login and register SofTest on your device.

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