SofTest Video is Blocking the Download Button

May 25, 2016 Ryan Murphy

In a small number of cases, the YouTube video on your institution's ExamSoft page may be "over sized", and prevent you from clicking the download button needed to download SofTest. In order to fix this issue you can either:

  • Zoom out. You can do this by holding "CTRL" and scrolling your mouse wheel down, or by clicking the "Settings" option in your browser and setting the Zoom to a smaller percentage.
  • Update your browser. This issue can occur on older versions of Firefox. Visit your browser's webpage in order to update your browser version. You can click the corresponding link for your browser listed here.
  • Try using another browser. If the above methods do not solve the issue , using another browser will typically solve this issue. Internet explorer is not 100% compatible with and sometimes will not render the page correctly.  
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