Delaying the Answer File Upload in Examplify

May 1, 2017 Miguel Bruno

You have the ability to configure Examplify to wait a specified amount of time after completing an exam to upload the answer file. This is useful for devices that take a longer period of time to connect to the internet after an exam or for internet connections that require additional steps to download. By delaying Examplify’s upload attempt, it gives additional time to reestablish the connection before attempting the upload.  

  1. To set the delay timer open Examplify and click the ‘Home Menu’ drop-down. 

  2. From the drop-down, select ‘Preferences’. 

  3. The ‘Exam Preferences’ dialog box will be displayed. 

  4. Select a time for ‘Upload Delay Time’, which is the amount of time in seconds that Examplify will delay before it attempts the automatic upload. 

  5. Once a time has been selected, choose ‘Save Preferences’ to accept the changes. 

  6. At the end of the exam when your computer is back on the desktop to upload your answer file, Examplify will wait for the specified delay time before it attempts to perform the automatic upload. 


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