Starting your Mock Exam in Examplify

May 1, 2017 Miguel Bruno

The following steps are for both Mac and Windows: 

  1. Click on the Examplify icon to open Examplify. 

  2. Click on the exam you wish to take on the left hand side and enter the exam’s password directly above the ‘Start Exam’ button. Once entered, click ‘Start Exam’. 

  3. If you are taking a secure exam, you will be presented with the below screen. Read the notice and click Continue to confirm that you wish to open the exam. 

  4. If you are taking a secure exam, the below screen will show after clicking Continue. If you are taking a non-secure exam, the previous screen will be skipped and you will be taken directly to the screen below. Enter the code exactly as it is displayed on your screen to confirm that you wish to enter the exam and click ‘Start Exam’.  
    Once you click Start Exam, any timers will start. Please ensure you are ready to begin the exam at this point.