Disabling Windows Defender

May 25, 2016 Kelly Basara

How to Disable Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a built in antivirus in Windows 10 that cannot be uninstalled. The way that Defender is designed, is to turn itself off when a third party antivirus is detected, and to turn itself back on when that antivirus is disabled, so make sure you disable your main antivirus, and then Defender if it turns on after. Defender may also be referred to as Microsoft Security Essentials.

  1. Press the Windows key ( enter image description here ​) located at the bottom-left of your keyboard.Type “Defender” and it will automatically run a search for Windows Defender. Click the hollow cog wheel icon option that says “Windows Defender Settings” to go straight into the settings.
  2. From the new window that opens, disable the Real-time and Cloud based protection by clicking the blue “ON” switch so it says “OFF” as shown in the picture below. You have now successfully disabled Windows Defender.D3.PNG

How to create a desktop shortcut for Windows Defender
Creating a desktop shortcut makes it so you don’t have to type “Defender” and run a search for it every time you want to disable it.

  1. Press Windows key ( enter image description here ) and type “Defender”, like before.
  2. This time right-click on the “Windows Defender - Desktop app” with the brick wall icon and click “Open file location”.
  3. In the File Explorer window that popped up, locate “Windows Defender” and right-click it and select “Send to >” then select “Desktop (create shortcut)” and it will create an icon on your desktop for you to click on to open Defender. Keep in mind that this new icon just opens the Defender GUI (Graphical User Interface) and you will still need to disable it.D5.PNG
  4. When you get to the GUI, you can select “Settings” in the top-right to get back to the familiar looking Windows Defender settings we were at before, to disable as normal.D6.PNG
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