Registering SofTest for two different bar exams

May 26, 2016 Ryan Murphy

For the purpose of registration, consider the first Jurisdiction referred to in this guide as the first exam you will sit for or will take.

  1. Log in to the ExamSoft Home Page for the first Jurisdiction using your assigned ID & password and pay the license fee if required to active your account. (Example:


  2. Download and register SofTest, for instructions click here. Then, take the Mock Exam, for instructions click here. You will be prompted to upload the answer file for the first Jurisdiction. This is exactly what you will do on the exam day.

  3. Log in to the ExamSoft Home Page for the second Jurisdiction using the corresponding ID & password, and pay the license fee (if required) to activate your account. Downloading SofTest a second time is not necessary, but you must click Download to simply accept the disclaimer if the jurisdiction requires it.  (


  4. Launch SofTest and click 'Switch User'.

  5. Click on New Registration, enter the Institution ID and then click Next. Enter your assigned ID and password for the second Jurisdiction and click on Register.

  6. Your exams have been automatically downloaded as indicated in the dialogue box. 

  7. Take the mock exam for the second jurisdiction as explained in Step 2. 

  8. To switch between the two jurisdictions, select Switch User on the home screen, click on the account you wish to use and then click Select Registration. For best practice purposes, you will want to switch to the jurisdiction that you will be sitting for first so that SofTest opens to that one on exam day. 

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