Confirming your Answer File Upload

May 26, 2016 John Tran
  1. Once an upload has completed, a green Congratulations! screen will appear. This means that the file has been successfully uploaded to the server, and is awaiting processing.greenscreen.png
  2. It may take several minutes for the confirmations such as the e-mail and text notifications as well as the exam history to reflect your upload, but rest assured, the answer files have been uploaded and your content is safe once the green confirmation screen is displayed to you.
  3. To access your exam history you can click the ‘Upload History’ button on the green confirmation screen, or simply open SofTest to the home screen, and click "Exam History" as shown below.
  4. It is also possible to e-mail an upload reminder to yourself by clicking the envelope next to the exam (shown below.)AssessmentHistory.png
    This page is also accessible by logging into your institution's portal directly, and clicking "History".

It may take up to 15 minutes for the upload to appear in the exam history after seeing the green screen.

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