How do I exit an iPad exam?

May 26, 2016 Kelly Basara

To exit out of an exam, select the “Save and Exit” button featured at the bottom of the interface. If the Missing Answer Reminder is enabled, the you will be reminded if they have any incomplete items. To continue, select “Yes.” Otherwise, “No.”



This will bring up the exit screen which allows you to either “Return To SofTest” or “Close Exam.” Select the “Close Exam” option to completely exit. Please be reminded that once you have exited the exam, there is no way to re-enter it.


Next, the you will see the Congratulations Screen. To leave this screen, hit “Exit.”


If enabled, the your score for the exam will be detailed. The raw score (number correct/number wrong) or percentile score may be displayed. Following this, hit “Ok” to completely exit.


The exam will now proceed to automatically upload itself if it detects an Internet connection. Once the exam has been been uploaded, the green upload confirmation screen will appear.


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