How do I take an exam?

May 26, 2016 Kelly Basara

*Please note, all exams are assigned to you by an Exam Manager from your institution.  ExamSoft Support can not provide exams or increase the number of downloads permitted for an exam. 

The following steps are for both Mac and Windows:

  1. Click on the SofTest icon.STLogo.png
  2. Click on Take an Exam.


  3. The screen should now look like the one below. Select the exam from the drop-down menu.


    *If there's no Exam in the drop down menu, then one needs to be downloaded. To find out how to download an exam please click on the link below:

    Download an Exam File

  4. If required, enter the student ID. Look in the INSTRUCTIONS section for the amount of characters that need to be entered in the ID field.StudentID.jpg

  5. Enter the Exam Password. This will be provided to you by an Exam Manager at your institution.

  6. Click on the Start button to begin the exam.

  7. You will be prompted that you are entering a secure exam and ALL open programs will be closed. Click OK to this prompt.

  8. This will open the exam in SofTest.

  9. After you exit the exam, make sure you have internet connectivity so that SofTest can automatically upload your answer file.

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