Can I use keyboard shortcuts during an exam?

May 26, 2016 Ryan Murphy

These keyboard shortcuts can be used during a SofTest v11 exam:

Function Mac OS X Windows
Cut ⌘ X Ctrl X
Copy ⌘ C Ctrl C
Paste ⌘ V Ctrl V
Select all ⌘ A Ctrl A
Undo ⌘ Z Ctrl Z
Redo ⌘ Y Ctrl Y
Bold ⌘ B Ctrl B
Italic ⌘ I Ctrl I
Underline ⌘ U Ctrl U
Show attachments ⌘ R Ctrl R
Show exam notices ⌘ Shift N Ctrl Shift N
Hide exam screen ⌘ H Ctrl H
Exit and submit exam ⌘ Q Ctrl Q
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