Why do I not have an Internet connection in SofTest although I am on a wireless or other high-speed connection?

May 26, 2016 Ryan Murphy

On a Windows machine, SofTest will temporarily disable the DHCP client on the system in order to disable the internet connection for your secure exam. In certain circumstances, SofTest does not restart this service automatically post-exam. In this scenario you can manually restart this service. Please follow the directions below for steps on this process:

Step 1:      Navigate to the Services Console

A.) You can choose to search for the Local Services on your computer. On Windows Vista/7, Click the Start button, and type ‘services’ to search the computer. Click the Services application that appears at the top of the Start menu. This will open the Services application.

Start menu

B.) On Windows 8 or above:

 If you are having difficulty searching for the Local Services on the system, you can also access the Run command by pressing the picture of the Windows logo key on your keyboard  and typing in 'services.msc' (without the quotes) press Enter on your keyboard to open the Services application.

Step 2:      Restart the DHCP Client

In the Services application, find the item named DHCP Client

Step 3:      Double click the DHCP Client. This will open up a new window. Ensure that the Startup Type is set to

Step 4:        Then click the Start button on the left. After this service starts, SofTest will open as normal. 

If you are still receiving problems after restarting the service please try these steps below: 
If using a high speed Internet connection, consider enabling Internet Explorer's Auto Detect LAN Settings option. 

  • Exit SofTest
  • Launch the Internet Explorer web browser
  • Select Tools...Internet Options
  • Select the Connections tab
  • Click the LAN Settings button
  • Place a check in front of 'Automatically Detect Settings'
  • Click OK twice and close all web browsers
  • Double-click the SofTest icon and register SofTest.

*Note: You will need to uncheck this item if this fails or when/if you use this computer on a dial-up connection.


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