Essay formatting within SofTest-M

May 26, 2016 Ryan Murphy


The essay toolbar will appear when you are in an essay question. It will allow you to edit and format your writing. The function of each button is detailed below:

Fontsizebutton.pngThis button allows the user to choose a specific font and font size.

 Boldbutton.pngThis button will bold selected and written text.


Italicsbutton.pngThis button italicizes selected and written text.


Underlinebutton.pngThis button underlines selected and written text.


Subscriptbutton.pngThis button adds a lower subscript to current character.


Superscriptbutton.png This button adds a upper subscript to the current character.


Shifttextbutton.pngThis button shifts the block of text to the left side of the page.


Centertextbutton.pngThis button shifts the block of text to the center of the page.


Rightaligntextbutton.pngThis button shifts the block of text to the right side of the page.


Fullparagraphalignbutton.pngThis button aligns the text so that the text is full paragraph(text goes from beginning of line to end).

Bulletpointbutton.pngThis button sets a bullet pointer at the beginning of the line. If the button is repressed on the same line, then it takes out the bullet point.

ManualPagebreak.pngThis buttons sets off a manual page break.


Sectionsymbolbutton.pngThis will input the section symbol.


Specialcharactersbutton.pngThis button will bring up a display board where the user can select certain characters not on the keyboard.

Undobutton.pngThis button will undo the last change that was performed.


Redobutton.pngThis button will redo the most recent action that was taken.


Spellcheckbutton.pngThis button will start the spell check and let you know of any misspelled words.

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