Preparing for Exam Day

May 26, 2016 Erin Washburn

To ensure that you are ready for exam day using SofTest, here are some helpful tips:

  • Ensure that your device is in proper working order. Devices that have technical problems prior to using SofTest are not fit for a stable testing environment.
  • Familiarize yourself with the software by taking a mock exam.
  • Locate your battery power indicator light on the device, to ensure that it is charging while in a secure exam.
  • Ensure that your battery has at least 20 minutes of charge in it, just in case there is a temporary power outage.
  • Ensure that your computer’s internal clock has the correct date. To verify date & time on Windows, click the clock in the lower-right corner of your screen. On Mac, click the clock on the top-right of the screen.
  • Ensure that all necessary Windows updates are installed so that the computer installing updates does not delay the exam.
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