What if my desktop background has changed after an exam (Mac)?

May 26, 2016 Ryan Murphy

When entering a secure exam, SofTest temporarily replaces the desktop and log-in background of your computer as one of ways that the software maintains the integrity of the exam. SofTest reverts the changes made to the computer after exiting the exam.

In the event the software does not revert the background image, please follow these steps:

1) From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

2) In the window, click Desktop & Screen Saver, then click the Desktop tab to display just the desktop preferences.

3) If you want to use a photo from your iPhoto Library, select Library in the left pane. Otherwise, select Choose Folder, navigate to and select the folder that contains your image, and click Choose.

4) In the right pane, click any thumbnail to place the image on the desktop.

5) Depending on the size of your chosen image, you can tile or center it if it's small. Your image will look pixelated or have jagged edges if it's too small. Or have the image fill the screen, or stretch to fill the screen. Just choose an item from the pop-up menu that appears above the thumbnails, the one next to the thumbnail of your current picture.

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