How do I use Peer Grading?

May 26, 2016 Kelly Basara

Peer grading is a type of grading system that the creator of an exam can implement that has exam takers grade one another with rubrics. The instructions below will outline the general procedure of assigning grades to somebody

  1. Log-in to the ExamSoft portal and click the Courses tab at the top.


  2. Click the course that you need to grade for, and you will be presented with a list of assessments.

  3. Click the Action button next to the assessment that you need to grade. This will open the Rubrics grading module in a new window.


  4. Click Grade next to the Exam Taker that needs to be graded. studentgrading.png

    If you have already graded somebody, you will see a regrade.png button instead.

    *Note: Alternatively, one can select multiple exam takers using the checkboxes on the left-hand side, and then click the Group Grade Selected Exam Takers in order to assign a single grade to multiple people.rubrics.pngShown above is the grading module. This can look far different from what is shown, as the creator of the rubric has the ability to change all of the details about the rows, columns, point values, and the contents of individual cells.

  5. Click the cell that most closely represents how the person performed, and it will automatically highlight in a pre-set color. This will change the Score at the top of the screen in real time.

  6. Once completed, click Save and the progress bar at the top will fill. Once you click Save it applies that grade, and will be visible by the administrators on their side of the portal.


7) Click Exam Takers at the top to return to the list of exam takers, or, if there is more than one person assigned to you, click the  button to automatically move onto the next person in the list.

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