How do I view posted grades in my ExamSoft custom portal?

May 26, 2016 Kelly Basara

A professor has the decision to release the exam taker results to the ExamSoft student portal. It is up to the professor entirely on whether to release these results or not. The professor also has the decision to remove the results at any time. If your professor has decided to release results, please follow the directions below on how to find your exam results. 

  1. If your professor decided to post grades to your portal, you can log into your custom home page and navigate to the tab at the top labeled 'Courses' or 'History'.courses.png
  2. If results have been added, you will see this message under the 'Notifications' column:coursenotices.png
  3. If you have the 'Courses' tab, to view your results for your assessment, select the associated course under the 'Course' column. If you do not know the course your exam is associated with please contact your professor for this information. 
  4. Once you have selected the course, you will see your score displayed on the right under the 'Score' column. Please ensure you are looking at the right assessment under the 'Title' column. **Note that the 'History' tab will bring you directly to this page.
  5. If your professor has decided to release a Strengths and Opportunities report, you will see under the column labeled 'Notifications/Actions Required' a graph that you can click to download your exam results. 
  6. Your Strength and Opportunities report will be downloaded as a PDF. In order to view the report open the downloaded PDF. examsoftreport.png

**Please note that if another exam taker has uploaded an assessment after the results have been released, this will remove the scores from the portal. Please contact professor to re-score the assessment. 

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