Using spell check on a iPad with SofTest-M

May 26, 2016 Kelly Basara

* Use of spell check is controlled by the test sponsor (institution/school administering the exam).Check with your institution to determine if it will be available.

If spell check is available, this is how it works.

  1. Type your essay as normal. There may or may not be spelling mistakes depending on typing accuracy.
  2. When completed, make sure the spell-check icon is highlighted with a black box:  This indicates that spell-check has been turned on. If the spell-check icon is grayed out, like this:, it will not detect the errors for you.
  3. This will produce a red underline under incorrectly spelled words. This looks the same as if you misspelled a word in any other iPad application.
  4. Tap each underlined word that you would like to change. A small window will appear with spelling suggestions that you can select.


  5. The changes will be made as you select the correct spelling, and then you can move on to the next indicated word.


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