Quick Start: How to use SofTest v11

May 27, 2016 Kelly Basara

Here is a Quick Start guide on how to use SofTest v11:

How do I log-in to SofTest?

How do I start an exam that was previously downloaded? (Windows)

How do I navigate between questions? Can I mark questions for review later?

How do I answer a multiple choice question?

How to use spell check on Mac? (if spell check is enabled)

How to use spell check on a PC? (if spell check is enabled)

Will I be able to use any shortcuts during an exam?

Can I cut, copy & paste during my exam?

How do I confirm if my answer file has been uploaded successfully?

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Quick Start: Using Examplify

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How to use spell check on a PC?
How to use spell check on a PC?

Use of spell check is controlled by the test sponsor (institution/school administering the exam).Check with...