Starting an exam on an iPad

May 27, 2016 Kelly Basara
  1. Click on the SofTest-M icon on the desktop of your iPad.
  2. Click on the exam that you need to take under the 'Take an Exam' section, this will display all of the exam details.
  3. To start the exam select the 'Start' button. If your exam requires an exam password you must enter it to start the exam.

    * If you do not have or have an invalid exam password, you will need to contact your institution.
  4. After entering a valid exam password and selecting 'Start', you will be at the begin screen.

  5. Please type in 'Begin' or hit the button 'Type 'Begin' for me'.

  6. Click the 'Begin' button at the bottom of the screen to begin the exam.


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Setting up your iPad to be used with SofTest-M
Setting up your iPad to be used with SofTest-M

Included are the steps to follow In order to use SofTest-M on an iPad