Enabling SMS Text Notifications

May 27, 2016 Kelly Basara

In our ongoing mission to meet the growing needs of exam takers, ExamSoft offers the ability to receive their confirmation and reminder messages on their cell phone via SMS Text as well as in their email inbox. With this free service, exam takers will receive Download and Upload Reminders, Registration Confirmation for SofTest, Download Confirmations for Exam file downloads and Upload Confirmations for ALL automatically uploaded answer files.

The SMS notification service is being offered to enhance convenience and comfort for exam takers. Be notified within minutes of completing key steps in the exam taking process, such as return of completed exams, in addition to delivering regular email notifications.  Should you wish to utilize this new feature, follow the instructions below.

To enable SMS Messaging:

  1. Go to your institution’s ExamSoft portal: http://www.examsoft.com/schoolname where ‘schoolname’ represents the abbreviated name for your institution. (E.g. California Bar would be calbar.)  
  2. Log-in where it says Exam Takers.
  3. Click the SofTest tab at the top of the screen.
  4. In the third step, “Setup Your Notifications,” you will see fields to input your cell phone information.


  5. Enter your phone number, select your carrier, and then click save. You have now enabled SMS notifications with your account.


You will receive a green confirmation at the top of the screen, indicating that you have input the information correctly. You will then receive a text within five minutes to let you know it has been set up successfully!


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