Permissions error on Mac

May 27, 2016 John Tran

Please follow these steps to resolve the permissions error on a mac:

  1. Open the Library\Application Support\Softest folder
  2. Locate a file titled Softest.datn and right click the file.SofTestFilePath.jpg

  3. From the menu select "Get Info."  A new window will appear. Here you will need to change the permissions to the file.

  4. Look for the sharing and permissions settings at the bottom of the window, then click the lock on the bottom right to make changes.

  5. Select the plus sign (+) and then add your user or account, also make sure it has "read & write privileges." 

  6. Try to launch Softest again.

  7. If these steps do not work type the following commands in terminal:

    chmod -RN <directory where permission was not being set>
    chmod 777 <directory where permission was not being set>
  8. Try to launch Softest again.

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