XQuartz Installation for Mac OSX 10.8 and 10.9

May 27, 2016 Ryan Murphy

What is it?

XQuartz is an application native to the Mac operating system that allows a program, “X11", to be run.  Without XQuartz, programs using X11 would not display properly, or potentially not work at all. This application is pre-installed on Mac OSX versions earlier than 10.8. The instructions below apply to users on Mac OSX 10.8 and 10.9 only.

Why do I need it?

ExamSoft recommends that bar applicants install the latest version of XQuartz, as some of the support tools used by onsite technicians, known as site engineers, require it in order to run optimally.

Site Engineers are equipped with the application installer, however, the installation process itself can be lengthy. Having XQuartz already installed will help streamline your support process in the event that Site Engineer assistance is required.

How can I get it? 

Click Here in order to download the XQuartz installer. Once it is downloaded, open the .dmg file.

Then, open the .pkg file that appears in the folder that opens.

Then, follow the prompts to complete installation.

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