Disabling Sophos AntiVirus

September 8, 2016 Aubri Bleacher
  1. Right click on the Sophos icon, present in the system tray.

  2. In the menu that will now open, select the ‘Open Sophos Antivirus’ option.

  3. In the Sophos window that will now be displayed, click on the ‘Configure Sophos Antivirus’ option.

  4. Further click on the ‘On Access Scanning’ in the Configure screen.

  5. Select the ‘Enable on-access scanning for this computer’ option.

  6. Click on ‘OK’.

  7. Restart your PC if prompted.

*While it is our recommendation and best practice to disable your antivirus programs before each exam, please be sure to reenable your antivirus program following each exam.


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