SofTest and Windows 10 Creators FAQ

July 18, 2017 Miguel Bruno

What is Windows 10 Creators?
Windows 10 Creators is an update to the Windows 10 operating system by Microsoft. It was released earlier this year.

Is SofTest compatible with Windows 10 Creators?
When using SofTest with Windows 10 Creators, you may encounter some functionality issues during your exam. However, you can use SofTest in compatibility mode to avoid these issues. This guide will review how you can put SofTest in compatibility mode to ensure your exam goes smoothly. Note that you must complete these steps prior to starting the exam - you will not be able to change these settings once the exam has begun.

What issues may I encounter when using SofTest with Windows 10 Creators?
When using compatibility mode, you may run into the following minor issues:

Missing Text in dialogue/prompts windows (this should only happen when uploading or at the start of the exam)—It is possible that if Softest tries to inform or warn a user of an action, the pop up will not contain text. This is something seen on multiple applications when running on the Creators OS which is explained more here. However, rebooting the device corrects this issue allowing text to appear normally again.

Delayed character count—The recount essay statistics (character count) can be delayed in displaying a proper character count. Character counts are displayed in two locations; the main location at the bottom of the screen is not affected and displays the correct information in real time. However, the character count in the right hand pane (not as easily noticed or known by applicants), while tracking changes accurately, is delayed in showing the correct count. *Note - we have not seen any other type of delays in testing such as typing lag.

If you opt to use SofTest without putting it in compatibility mode, there are multiple functionality issues that you will encounter that may affect your ability to complete your exam. This may include highlighting and formatting limitations, sporadic text interruption, and freezes throughout the exam. Because of this, we highly recommend you utilize Compatibility Mode.

How do I know if I have Windows 10 Creators?
To identify whether you have Windows 10 Creators, please follow the instructions on the guide found here.

If I am not yet on Windows 10 Creators, is there a way to prevent my computer from updating?
Unfortunately, Microsoft recently made this update mandatory. While some devices may receive the update before others, users who receive the update will not be able to decline it or prevent it from updating in any way.

Will I need to put SofTest in compatibility mode before every exam?
No, once SofTest has been put in compatibility mode, it will stay that way until it has manually been taken out of compatibility mode. You can essentially set it and forget it!

Are there any security vulnerabilities when using Windows 10 Creators?
No, even though you may encounter some functionality issues, there are no security concerns when using SofTest with Windows 10 Creators.

When do you plan to fully support SofTest on Windows 10 Creators?
At this time, we support SofTest on Windows 10 Creators when it is run in Compatibility Mode using the instructions found here. We do not have plans to make any adjustments to our SofTest application to support Windows 10 Creators without Compatibility Mode.

Does Examplify support Windows 10 Creators?
Yes, our new testing application, Examplify, supports Windows 10 Creators. To learn more about how you can access this new application, please talk to your school administrator.


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