LawClass Feedback Student Guide

October 4, 2017 Jacob Catalano

Download & Install Examplify

  • Navigate to your home-page ({customhomepage})
  • Enter your ID and Password under "Exam Takers".





  • Once logged in, click Download button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation.

Register for your Course

  • Navigate to the Courses tab.
  • Click Register.

  • Locate your LCF course within the list, and click Enroll to the right.
  • Here you will need to pay for your course using your credit card, PayPal, or by a voucher code.

Register Examplify

  • Launch Examplify using the icon on your desktop.
  • Read and accept the EULA. Examplify will then prompt you for your "Institution ID". This is your school's custom homepage abbreviation. For example, if the custom homepage is, esu is the institution ID.







Download Mock Exam or Quiz

  • Select the exam from the Exam List, and click download to the right.






  • Once the download is complete, the icon will change to a check mark indicating the exam has been successfully downloaded.

Take your Exam

  • Launch Examplify.
  • Select the exam from the Exam List.






  • Enter the exam password, and click "Start" to begin your exam.
  • Once finished, select "Submit Exam" and follow the instructions to upload your exam.

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