How do I disable anti-virus software temporarily in order to work with SofTest?

In some cases, certain anti-virus applications may block SofTest from starting properly or can affect SofTest's performance during an exam. If your computer is running any of the programs listed below, disable them before installing SofTest and re-enable them after installation is complete. When taking any secure exam, disable the anti-virus software before taking the exam and re-enable it after exiting your exam. You may also want to create an exclusion within your security application for the specific path c:\program files\examsoft\softest. For instructions on how to disable your anti-virus/anti-spyware application, click on the product's name below.

If your anti-virus software is not listed above, please see your software's help for instructions.

*While it is our recommendation and best practice to disable your antivirus programs before each exam, please be sure to reenable your antivirus program following each exam.

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