How do I update SofTest to the latest version?

To trigger the SofTest update, first open the application on your laptop. The instructions are slightly different for users on different operating systems. For Windows OS users, press the CTRL button and the letters ‘A’ and ‘U’ simultaneously (CTRL+AU). For Mac OSX users, once SofTest is open, press the Command key plus the letters ‘A’ and ‘U’ simultaneously (CMND+AU).

You should get a message that requests you to accept the update similar to this:

Wait up to 15 minutes and then reopen SofTest and view the version number at the top of SofTest to verify that it has successfully updated.

*NOTE: The version number displayed may not be the most current, it is only intended to be an example of where to find the SofTest version you are using.

How do I verify I have the latest version of SofTest?

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