How do I update SofTest to the latest version?

To trigger the SofTest update, first open the application on your laptop. The instructions are slightly different for users on different operating systems.

  • For Windows OS users, press the CTRL button and the letters ‘A’ and ‘U’ simultaneously (CTRL+AU).
  • For Mac OSX users, once SofTest is open, press the Command key plus the letters ‘A’ and ‘U’ simultaneously (CMND+AU).

You should get a message that requests you to accept the update similar to this:

Wait up to 15 minutes and then reopen SofTest and view the version number at the top of SofTest to verify that it has successfully updated.

*NOTE: The version number displayed may not be the most current, it is only intended to be an example of where to find the SofTest version you are using.



How do I verify I have the latest version of SofTest?

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