What do I do if I experience a lag when typing my answers?

I apologize for the inconvenience you experienced during your exam.

There are three possible fixes for typing lag that usually have to be done together.


1) Disable your firewall and/or anti-virus. Every firewall/antivirus has a different way of disabling it. We have compiled a list of popular anti-viruses and how to disable them here: 

How do I disable my antivirus software?

2) Disable background services that may interfere with the smooth running of SofTest. Instructions on how to do so are posted here: 

How to check what programs are running on my computer? (Typing Lag Suggestion)

3) Clearing Windows problem reports. Instructions on how to do so are posted here:

How to view and clear problem reports? (Typing Lag Suggestion)

If after trying the steps in the suggested articles above do not work please contact ExamSoft Support at 866-429-8889  Monday - Friday, 8:30AM and 8:30PM (EST) so that we may further assist you. Be sure to have the computer with you as well as an active internet connection available at the time of the call in case we need to connect to the machine.

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