Where do I get an ID and Password?

Your SofTest ID and password are provided to you by your institution. If you forgot your password or need assistance with logging into your ExamSoft account, please follow these directions:

1. Navigate to your institution's ExamSoft Portal log in page. If you need assistance finding your institution's page, go to www.examsoft.com, using the 'Exam Taker' button near the top right of the page, search for your institution.

2. Under the Exam Taker log in section, use the link 'Lost Student ID or Password?'

3. You will be prompted to enter either your Student ID or email address in order to obtain your password. If you do not know your Student ID, enter your email address and both your ID and Password will be emailed to you.

The ExamSoft Support Team is unable to reset your password or change the email address that it is sent to. If you need further assistance, please contact an ExamSoft administrator from your institution.

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