Examplify: Confirm Your Answer File Upload

Confirmation Messaging


Success Notification

After you submit an exam, wait for the answer file to upload. When the upload is completed, a green screen will appear. This screen confirms that the answer file was uploaded successfully.


Note: If you took an assessment with ExamMonitor, additional time is needed to upload the video files. For more information, see: Examplify: Check the Status of Your ExamMonitor Video Upload


Upload Delays

During peak exam periods, users may experience intermittent upload delays.

  • This does not impact the use of Examplify itself as users can continue to download and take exams.
  • Answers will be securely uploaded and queued for processing.

Additional updates will be posted on our status page on the status.examsoft.com website.

To receive notifications about specific incidents, you can select the Subscribe button on the incident bar. Then, fill out the form with your preferred contact information. 



Other Forms of Confirmation

  • Notifications: If supported by your institution, you also will receive other confirmations such as e-mail and text notifications. 
  • Dashboard status icon: After a short time, the exam will appear with a green checkmark in the Completed section on the left side of the page. 


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