Examplify: Cannot Upload the Answer File



Examplify is unable to upload your answer file. You might see one of the following messages: Unable to Upload or Internet Connection Lost 





  • Keep Examplify open, and attempt to resolve the connectivity issues. 
  • If you are unable to obtain a strong enough connection at this time, don't worry, your answer file is securely saved on your hard drive. You can upload it from the main Examplify screen when you have a better connection.
  • Your pending exam upload will be clearly marked on the Examplify dashboard.
  • When you establish a connection, Examplify will automatically attempt to upload your answer file. When it's successful, you'll see the Upload Complete confirmation message.




Upload Delays

  • During peak exam periods, users may experience intermittent upload delays.
    • This does not impact the use of Examplify itself as users can continue to download and take exams.
    • Answers are securely uploaded and queued for processing.
    • You can find more information here: Confirm Your Answer File Upload: Upload Delays

Retry Upload

  • If the upload process does not start automatically or is not successful, select the exam on the left side of the dashboard, and then select the Retry Upload button. You may reattempt this process as many times as necessary.


If you're still having an issue uploading your answer file, please contact our ExamSoft Support

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