Enterprise Portal: Set Up Your Blackboard Integration

Before You Begin

Download our building block by clicking here, or obtain it from your Customer Success Specialist.

Note: We do not support the use of 'BB_PREVIEW USERS' within your Blackboard courses. Please do not have these users enrolled in the courses that you are syncing into ExamSoft. If an admin needs a student account, please create a standard student account with a unique email in Blackboard.





  1. Select Building Blocks within the System Admin section of Blackboard.


  2. Select Installed Tools.
  3. Select Global Settings.


  4. Select Submit.

    Note: You will be brought back to the Installed Tools automatically.

  5. Select Upload Building Blocks (at the top left) to upload your Building Block.


  6. Browse for the previously downloaded .war file.


  7. Select Submit.

    Note: This triggers the upload of the Building Block and brings you back to the Privileges page. 

  8. Select Approve to begin the installation.

    Note: It can take one to five minutes.


  9. Select Return to go back to the Installed Tools page.
  10. Locate the Building Block with the name "ExamSoft v2", select the arrow to open its shortcut menu, and then select Set Available.


  11. Open its drop-down menu again, and select Settings.
  12. Copy and save this page's URL up to the part shown in the screenshot below.

    Note: If your Blackboard instance isn’t self hosted, you'll need the instance URL. See: Obtain the Blackboard Instance URL for LMS Integration


  13. Leave this Settings page open so that you may return to it later.
  14. Open a new browser tab to begin the next step.

Configure Your ExamSoft Portal

Note: You must be an Institution Administrator in order to set up the Blackboard integration.

  1. Navigate to the ExamSoft portal, and log in using your credentials.
  2. Select Admin, and then select Global Settings.


  3. Select LMS Settings (at the top).
  4. Select Blackboard from the LMS Type drop-down menu.
  5. Select Save at the top right.
  6. Select Configure at the bottom of the page to open the Blackboard LMS Configuration page.


    Note: You will now be brought to the Settings page. The screenshot below shows what the completed configuration section looks like after following this guide.


  7. Paste the previously copied URL into the Blackboard Instance URL text field.
  8. Below the Shared Secret field, select Generate.

    A unique Shared Secret will appear in the Shared Secret field. 

  9. Next to the Shared Secret field, select Copy.


  10. Return to the window with the Blackboard Building Block settings that you left open at the end of the installation section.
  11. Paste the Shared Secret into the text field.
  12. Select Submit.


  13. Return to the ExamSoft Portal.
  14. Select the desired Course ID Type and User ID Type.

    Note: These values are the elements from the Blackboard environment that will end up being the User ID and Course ID on ExamSoft.



  15. Enter the applicable Admin and Student Roles.

    Note: Typically, these are "Instructor" and "Student", but may differ depending on your instance.


  16. Select Save (in the top right corner of the page).

    This will bring you back to the Institution Settings, and you will see a green confirmation message at the top right.

  17. Select Save (at the top right of the page).
  18. Select Edit Sync Settings to open the list of Courses from the Blackboard side.


  19. Select the courses by using the symbol, which will add them to your sync list.


  20. Within the Edit Sync List tab, apply or change the start and end dates to each course, and select the department within your ExamSoft portal that they are going to be imported to.

    Note: This can be done in bulk. Select the checkboxes on the left, and use the bulk options that appear at the bottom of the screen.


  21. Select Save (at the top right of this page).
  22. On the Institution Settings page, select Sync Now to trigger the sync process.


  23. Select the ExamSoft logo (at the top left) to navigate to My Departments.
  24. Select a department that was included in your sync list.
  25. Verify that the courses were imported successfully.


  26. Open one of the imported courses.
  27. Select the Students tab. 
  28. Verify that the roster has successfully synced.


Next Steps

If you do not see all of the data that was supposed to sync over, see: Enterprise Portal: LMS Sync Errors


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