Legacy Portal: Configure Blackboard Secondary Accounts

You can use one instance of Blackboard to communicate with multiple ExamSoft databases using a feature in ExamSoft’s building block for Blackboard.

For example, if an institution has one instance of Blackboard that governs a dental, medical, and nursing school, and each of these schools has their own ExamSoft databases, the building block will allow independent communication with each specific ExamSoft database.



  1. From the building block’s main screen, select the ExamSoft Account option.


  2. Select Configure a Secondary ExamSoft Account. (on the top right).


  3. In the Mappings section, select Enable.


  4. Determine if you want to add the secondary ExamSoft account with or without Course Matching, and then select the appropriate tab (at the top).

    Note: Secondary ExamSoft accounts can be added in two different manners: With Course Matching or Without Course Matching. The difference is that the course matching will allow you to automatically send courses to specific ExamSoft accounts by matching specified patterns in the course ID. Any matching course will have the associated key, secret, and lab state applied, rather than the default values.

  5. Name the new account.
  6. If you chose the Course Matching option, enter the course ID matching criteria.


    • Course ID Pattern to Match: Characters in the course ID, such as PHAR, that you want to use for matching.
    • Matching Rule: The method to use.
      • Prefix: Looks for the specified characters at the beginning of the course ID.
      • Suffix: Looks for the specified characters at the end of the course ID.
      • Delimiter: Looks for the specified characters after a delimiter character. If you select this option, enter the delimiter and the number of delimiters. For example, let's say that your course IDs are in this format: xxxx_xxxx_PHAR_xxxx. The portion that you want to match is after the second underscore character. For this scenario, enter an underscore as the delimiter and enter 2 as the number of delimiters. The system will look for a matching characters immediately following the second delimiter.
  7. In the Secondary Account Credentials, enter the Consumer Key and Shared Secret for the desired ExamSoft database.


  8. Select Submit.
  9. Repeat this process for any remaining accounts.
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