Legacy Portal: Set Up Your Blackboard Integration


Complete all of these procedures to set up your Blackboard integration.


Download and Install the Building Block (WAR File)

  1. Use this link to download the WAR file: Blackboard Building Block
  2. Start Blackboard.
  3. Select System Admin, and then select Building Blocks.
  4. Select Installed Tools.
  5. Near the top left corner of the screen, select Upload Building Blocks
  6. Browse for the WAR file that you downloaded earlier, and then select Submit.
  7. To confirm the installation, select Approve. The WAR file will be installed as a Building Block.
  8. When the file is installed, select Return.
  9. In the Installed Tools list, select ExamSoft, and then select Set Available from the list.
  10. Continue to the next procedure.


Configure the ExamSoft Building Block

You need to configure the building block so that it can start sending data to ExamSoft.  

  1. In the Installed Tools list, select ExamSoft, and then select Settings from the list. 

    The Manage and Configure ExamSoft Building Block menu will appear. You'll use this menu to perform all actions for the Building Block.

  2. Select ExamSoft Account.  This account will be considered the Default Account.
  3. Enter the account information:


  4. Enter the user settings:
    • User ID Type: This is the value from Blackboard that will become the Exam-Taker ID in the ExamSoft portal.
    • SAML Settings: If SAML is enabled for the ExamSoft database, select Enable SAML, and then select External ID from the user ID options.
    • Lab Client: If your institution only uses labs, rather than allowing exam-takers to install ExamSoft on their own devices, select Yes, this is a lab computer.
  5. Select Submit.
  6. Continue to the next procedure.


  • If you would like to configure other ExamSoft accounts, see: Legacy Portal: Configure Blackboard Secondary Accounts
  • You can synchronize data to multiple ExamSoft databases, but each database will require a distinct consumer key and shared secret. Contact your Customer Success Specialist or Implementation Consultant for assistance.


Synchronize Your Courses

In order to send courses to your ExamSoft database, you must specify them in the Courses section of the Building Block settings.

  1. On the Manage and Configure ExamSoft Building Block menu, select Courses.
  2. Browse and select courses, or upload a CSV file that lists your course IDs. 
    • Select Courses: Select the Browse button, and then ​search for courses to add. After selecting courses, select Submit.



    • Upload a File: Select Browse, and then select your CSV file. The file must contain only course IDs, in one column, with no header row.

    The selected courses will be listed under Courses to Sync.

    Note: ExamSoft requires course start and end dates.  If you select a course that does not have start/end dates in Blackboard, the building block will use the current date for the start date and a date in the distant future for the end date.  Alternatively, you can enable the course date override feature to set default dates for all courses within the sync list. You can also opt to have an email sent to the Blackboard administrator when the end date is reached.

  3. If you have added all of the courses, select the Submit button.
  4. Continue to the next procedure.

Assign Exam-Taker Access to Courses

Use the Default Role Mappings section to indicate the Blackboard roles to be included or excluded from this sync list.  ExamSoft exam-taker accounts will be created for all users in the included roles.

Note: We strongly recommend to only include student accounts. 


  1. On the Manage and Configure ExamSoft Building Block menu, select Assign Access by Course Role.
  2. Select the roles that you want to include.
    • Default Role Mappings: In the example below, only users labeled as Learners will have accounts created within Blackboard and will be enrolled into the specific courses.
    • Registration: Specifies the roles of Users that will be allowed to push grades from the ExamSoft portal back to Blackboard. We recommend that only Instructors should have rights to do so.
  3. Continue to the next procedure.


Select the Synchronization Rules

Within the building block, there are two options for synchronizing data between Blackboard and ExamSoft.

  • Save and Send All Data Now: This option will compile course, student, and enrollment information for all courses and send it to your ExamSoft database.
  • Incremental Sync: Also known as Auto Sync, this option will allow you to schedule a specific time when the building block will send daily updates to your ExamSoft database.

    The Notifications section can be filled in with e-mail addresses for users that desire to receive alerts when a sync is performed.


Set Up Logging

The building block also provides the ability to view daily activity logs.  The logs can be configured as either Basic or Detailed, which determines the amount of content that is reported. We strongly recommend that you set the logs to Detailed reporting.



Set Up Grade Push

To enable grade push between ExamSoft and your Blackboard instance, follow this procedure to provide the required URL to your Customer Service Specialist.


  • If you're using a Mac device, use Firefox to complete this procedure.
  • If you're using a Windows device, Step 3 will not be necessary 


Follow these steps.

  1. Go to Admin > Building Blocks > Installed Tools.
  2. On the Installed Tools page, select ExamSoft, and then select Settings from the list.
  3. Right-click anywhere on the page, and select This Frame > Open Frame in New Tab.
  4. Note the full URL, and provide it to your Customer Success Specialist.


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