Supported Question Types and Formatting Options for Examplify and ExamNow

Most of your questions can be used in Examplify and ExamNow assessments. However, there are a few differences that you'll want to be aware of.


Question Types

Most question types are supported in both Examplify and ExamNow. Because ExamNow is intended for quick-response, formative questions, it does not support Hot Spot or Essay questions. When you are setting up an ExamNow assessment, the question bank will automatically filter out these question types. 

Question Type Examplify ExamNow
True/False Supported Supported
Multiple Choice - Single Answer
Multiple Choice - Multiple Answer
Supported Supported
Fill in the Blank - Basic Text Box
Fill in the Blank - Drop-Down List
Fill in the Blank - Numeric Range
Supported Supported
Hot Spot Supported Not Supported
Essay Supported Not Supported


Attachments and Images


Options Examplify ExamNow
Attachments Supported Not Supported
You can use a question that has attachments, but the attachment will not appear in ExamNow. 
Images Supported Supported
We recommend that you avoid large images and instead create images that are an appropriate size for a mobile device. Although ExamNow will dynamically resize images for display on a mobile device, results are best when the images are designed for mobile devices. 


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