Clinical Judgment Exams: Exam Workflow


Create and Post an Exam

  1. Navigate to the appropriate department.
  2. Navigate to the desired CJE course.
  3. Select the Create Assessment button.
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  4. Select Benchmark Assessment. Then, select the Create button. 
    Note: The Create Benchmark Assessment button is only available on the Benchmark exam courses, not portal wide.
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  5. On the Select Assessment floating window, choose the desired Benchmark Assessment.
    • Note: We recommend that you always start with Open Check and allow feedback before moving to Benchmark 1 then, Benchmark 2.
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  6. The exam will be created in the Benchmark Course.

    • To make a copy of the Benchmark Exam in the live course where students are enrolled, select More in the upper right-hand corner and select Duplicate

  7. Use the radio button to select Linked Assessment. Faculty need to select and assign to the live course that they want to make a copy of the assessment from the Benchmark exams course.
    Note: A copy of the assessment from the Benchmark exams course is always necessary to a live course in which your students are enrolled.
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  8. You will automatically be taken to the selected course where you can finish posting the assessment.

Manage your postings

Note: For more information about any of the options listed, visit the Post An Assessment article.

    1. Assessment Password: The system generates a random password. You can change it.
    2. Show/Hide Universal Resume Code:  You can give this code to anyone who needs to resume the exam. When the exam-taker enters the code on the Examplify screen, the exam resumes. This approach is convenient when there is an issue, such as a power outage, that affects multiple exam-takers. The Universal Resume Code will work for any student and for the entire duration of the exam.
    3. Dates:
      • Schedule Date: Enter the date and time for the exam.
        • Open Check: This exam may be open for an extended period of time.
          • Select a Schedule Date that aligns with the date the open check becomes available. 
        • Benchmark I and II: These exams must be proctored and treated as high-stakes assessments.
          Note: These exams are not permitted to be open for an extended period of time. 
      • Download Start: Exam-takers should be able to start downloading the exam 24 hours before the exam Schedule Date.
      • Download End: The download period should align with the exam end time. 
        Example: If the exam is 75 minutes and the start time is 1:00pm, then, the Download End should be 2:15pm.
    4. Remote Assessment Deletion: Select the checkbox to enable this feature, and enter a time that is 1 minute past the Download End time.
    5. Ping and Release: (Optional) This option provides extra security. However, it requires internet access at the start of the exam. If that is not possible for your exam-takers, then we do not recommend selecting this option.
    6. Email Reminders: (Optional) If selected, this option will send the exam-taker a reminder of the date and time that you set.
    7. ExamID and ExamMonitor: (Optional) If you have Exam Integrity HR and wish to set ExamID and ExamMonitor, you can do so at the bottom of the posting. 
      Note: This will use credits purchased by your institution.
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Finalize and Post Exam

    1. When your exam is ready, select the green Finalize button at the top of the page.
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As Needed: Post Additional Copies for Other Sections

  • If you need to schedule a CJE for more than one section, create and post the exam (as described).


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