Activating Content Banks for your Institution

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  • Only an Institution Admin role can enable Content Banks.
  • The Content Banks option must be enabled in 2 places before they will show up in your Department:
    • Global Settings
    • Department Settings



Enabling Content Banks in Global Settings

  1. Go to the ExamSoft portal and log in as an Institution Admin.
  2. Select Admin, and then select Global Settings.

  1. In the Miscellaneous Settings section, select the checkbox for Enable Content Banks.

    Enabling Content Banks will also automatically enable the Bulk Posting toggle (and make it greyed-out so it cannot be turned off). This is because Bulk Posting is required to be on so that Assessments can be Posted from a Bank into a Live Course.

Enabling Content Banks in Department Settings

  1. Go to the Department list for your Institution and select the Department Settings for your Department.
  2. To enable Content Banks, select the Content Banks checkbox.

  3. Select Save.
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