Examplify: Known Issues (for Exam Takers)

This article describes known issues for the most recent version of Examplify. If you need assistance with any of these issues or if you encounter any other issues, please contact our support team. The listed issues are expected to be resolved in upcoming releases of Examplify.


Reset password is not working as expected in Examplify if the Exam Taker is in Legacy Portal.


Solution: Go to your custom home page (examsoft.com/_____) and click reset password on the custom site. 


Spellcheck is not working consistently on Mac.

Mac users might notice that spell check is not consistently identifying misspelled words. This issue is related to an Apple language setting for spell check.

Solution: To improve the functionality of spell check, see: Set Your Display Language and Spell-Check Language for Your Device (Windows, Mac, iPad)


Even with a Non-Secure Accommodation, you are prompted to close Windows Applications.

Even if you have received an accommodation to take a non-secure exam, which allows access to other programs, Examplify will prompt you to close all Microsoft Office applications.

Solution: Select the option to have Examplify close the apps for you. Because of the accommodation, clicking this button will not close the applications. You can then proceed with the exam. 


A hotspot image might be partially hidden after zooming in and out.

If you zoom all the way in on a hotspot image and then zoom out, the image might be partially hidden and inaccessible.

Solution: Drag the zoom control slider to the halfway point, and then select the Tool Kit button (near the top right corner of the screen). Doing so will redisplay the image and center it within the view area. You can then close the Tool Kit and proceed with the question. For more details, view the how-to video below.

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