Examplify for iPad: Known Issues


Below is a list of known issues and possible workarounds for the most recent version of Examplify for iPad. If you need assistance with any of these issues or you encounter any other issues, please contact our support team. The listed issues are expected to be resolved in upcoming releases of Examplify for iPad.


Issue Description
During reviews, a question filter from the exam is retained. If an exam-taker has the questions filtered at the end
of the exam, that filter is retained when they enter the review, which may prevent them from seeing all questions during the review.
Exam-takers cannot delete an alarm. On devices with iOS 11, users are not able to delete a secondary alarm by using the delete button.

Workaround: Delete the alarm by swiping the entire row. 
Exam-takers are prompted for a resume code during the exam. This issue is associated with changes that Apple made to certain connections with the release of iOS 11. 

Workaround: Disable the connections on the Settings menu before entering an exam. See: Examplify for iPad: Take an Exam
A Non-Secure Accommodation causes the timer to indicate 0 minutes remaining. When an exam taker has a Non-Secure Accommodation on a timed exam, the timer is set to 0 minutes.

Workaround: In many cases, a non-secure accommodation is not necessary as Voice Over works within a secure assessment. 
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