Transition Lab User Accounts to Enable BYOD, ExamID, or ExamMonitor (Enterprise and Legacy)

This article helps you to transition lab user accounts to regular accounts in the event that you are transitioning from lab-based testing to a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) model, or beginning to post assessments with ExamID and ExamMonitor. 

Important: ExamID and ExamMonitor cannot be used with user accounts that are set up as Lab Users.

Follow these procedures to remove the lab user setting and to instruct the exam-takers to completely uninstall and reinstall Examplify.




Remove the Lab User Setting from the User Accounts


Instruct the Exam-Takers to Do a "Clean" Uninstall/Reinstall of Examplify

If the above all exam-takers have previously installed Examplify on their devices, they need to completely remove Examplify from their devices and do a “clean install” of the latest version of Examplify.

Ask the exam-takers to do this process after you have removed the Lab User setting from their accounts. 

Important: To ensure that all components are removed before Examplify is reinstalled, refer the exam-takers to these procedures: 

  • It's important that exam-takers follow the above instructions to completely uninstall all components and do a "clean reinstall."
  • After they reinstall Examplify, they can download and take assessments.
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