Legacy Portal: Canvas/D2L/Moodle Integration FAQ and Troubleshooting Tips

This article will cover common issues that you might encounter while using a Canvas, D2L, or Moodle integration with ExamSoft. If necessary, please review our API setup guide first to to become more familiar with the API.



Canvas/D2L/Moodle API & Syncing Issues


Q. I see this error while adding courses/sections to the sync list: "An error occurred processing your changes. Note courses must be published or available to be synchronized." What can I do?


  • This is a generic error message, meaning that there was an issue adding the course or section to the sync list. You should verify that the Course/Section ID is correct by checking if the ID is in your LMS and if you have the correct Course ID field selected on Page 1 of our API.
  • Canvas - Verify that the Canvas Account dropdown menu is populated on Page 1 of our API. The steps to troubleshoot it are provided later in this article.


Q. Why does my browser time out or display a white page after I select Sync Now?

  • This can happen if you have several courses in the API. It's simply the browser timing out loading the page, but the sync is still occurring in the background. Please do not click the Sync Now button multiple times. 
  • This also means the sync could take longer than the default 10 minutes. Be patient and check the portal after at least 20 minutes to see if the data synced into your portal.


Q. Some or all of my courses are not syncing to ExamSoft. What can I do?

  • Make sure that each course in the sync list has an instructor name assigned. Verify that the correct role is in place on Page 4 of our API. Each box can only contain one role.
  • Canvas - Instructors with PENDING status in the courses will not show up in the API.


Q. Some or all students are missing from a sync. What can I do?

  • Verify that the correct role is in place on Page 4 of our API. Each box can only contain one role.
  • Verify that their accounts have an ID for the matching field from Page 1 of our API.
  • Canvas - Ensure that the student status is not PENDING in the Canvas course(s).


Q. No courses are listed on sync list. Why do I see a pages indicator (such as 1-10 of 24)?


Generate a new token and/or check instance URL on Page 1 of our API. Contact ExamSoft support if that doesn't resolve the issue.


Canvas/D2L/Moodle Grade Push Issues

Q. Why do I see a login window in ExamSoft while trying to push grades?


The login window itself is a placeholder for an error message that should be present on that window. Please do not try to login here as it will not work. If there isn't an error present, contact ExamSoft support as there is an issue with the LMS config with your portal.

Q. Why do I see this error message: "Your LMS service did not find the selected course"? 


  • The course hasn't been synced yet. Perform a sync with that course included, and then try again.
  • If you are certain that the course has been synced and is still on the sync list, check the posting settings for the exam that you are trying to push grades from. Verify that the correct course is selected in the posting.


Q. I saw the successful grade push message, and a column was created, but no grades were pushed. What can I do?

  • The column could have been created manually with one value type and then the grades are pushed as a conflicting value.
  • Check the Student IDs and make sure that they match the value selected in the API. If you are syncing emails as student ID, we strip the @ symbol before they import into the portal, making the ExamSoft accounts not match their LMS accounts. In this specific scenario, we highly recommend selecting a different ID type to sync for Student IDs. Contact your Customer Success Manager before making this change.
  • The LMS credentials (e.g. auth token) might not have enough permissions to write grades to the course. Ensure that the token is from the top level LMS admin.


Canvas - Additional Issues

Q. Why is my Canvas account not populating in the LMS Configuration dropdown menu?


  • Under Canvas Settings on Page 1 of our API, verify that the Instance URL matches the Canvas instance URL that you are currently using.
  • Generate a new authorization token based off of the top level LMS admin or from a restricted scoped user. For instructions, see: Canvas: Create Custom Role Permissions for Restricted Token


Q. While attempting to push grades, why am I receiving a message stating that the grade column currently has scores?

  • If the column is new that you just created from ExamSoft, this message can be ignored. 
  • If you are not sure about what grades are present, check the course in Canvas to ensure that the column is blank.


D2L - Additional  Issues


Q. Why am I unable to see the new role that I created when attempting to assign it to the ExamSoft SVC user?

Edit the Administrator permissions to be able to search for, add, and impersonate the new ExamSoft SVC role.

Q. Why do I see this error message: "The request's x target value does not match the allowed values for this application."


Q. Why am I unable to authenticate while using the API Test Tool?

  • Ensure that the host does not havehttps://in the field in the API Test Tool.
  • Ensure that the App ID and App Key match what was generated in Manage Extensibility/ Register an App.
  • Ensure that you are impersonating the ExamSoft SVC user and that it has the correct permissions.


Q. The ExamSoft API doesn't launch. What can I do?

For the External Learning Tool, make sure the Launch URL is set to: https://lmsintegration.examsoft.com/lms/admin.jsp



Moodle - Additional Issues


Q. Why are there no grade columns when I'm attempting to push grades?

Ensure that the course that you're pushing to has Assignments in the course. Quizzes will show up as grade columns in ExamSoft, but you cannot push grades into them.
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