Connect Your Device to the Internet for Exams with ExamID

An internet connection is required for exams with ExamID. In the event of an internet outage, a hot spot connection can be used. 

After you download your exam, look for the ExamID tile in the assessment details. This indicates that the assessment uses ExamID to verify your identity. You must connect to the internet before you start the exam.


If you enter the exam password and do not have an internet connection, a warning message appears. You must connect to the internet to proceed.


Note: If you need help to connect your device to the internet, refer to the support documentation for your device.

After you connect to the internet, you can select the Start Exam button to proceed. ExamID will launch.


Next Steps

For more information about your ExamID/ExamMonitor exam, see: Examplify: Take an Exam with ExamID and ExamMonitor

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