Enterprise Portal: Manage Time Zones

Correct time zone settings ensure that all users are able to complete time-sensitive tasks as scheduled and are able to interpret on-screen information correctly. For exam-makers, time zone settings ensure that they are entering the correct dates and times when posting exams. For exam-takers, time zone settings ensure that the reminders and deadlines show the times in their local time zone.

  • Your institution-level time zone setting is created when your portal is implemented and is the default time zone for all accounts.
  • Because individuals might be in different time zones, user-level time zones can be adjusted when user accounts are created. 
  • Individual admins and exam-takers also can adjust their time zones within their own user profiles.  




Set the Default Time Zone for Your Portal

This procedure is handled during implementation. Your ExamSoft team sets your portal's time zone. This time zone is used as the default time zone for all users, but the individual settings can be modified as described in the other sections of this article. 

If you need to adjust the time zone for your portal, contact your Customer Success Manager or Implementation Consultant. The new setting will apply as the default for any new user accounts that are created after this change is made.


Set the Time Zone for a User Account

When you are creating or editing user accounts (if you have permissions to do this), you can specify the user's time zone.


Note: The users can select their own time zone within their profile settings. 


Set Your Own Time Zone in Your Profile

  1. Select the profile icon near the top right corner of the screen.
  2. On the menu, select My Profile.


  3. Enter your Time Zone, if different from what is shown.
  4. Select Save.


Help Your Exam-Takers to Set Their Own Time Zones

Make your exam-takers aware of the importance of checking their time zone settings in their profile. Time zone settings ensure that the reminders and deadlines show the times in their local time zone. Share these instructions with your exam-takers: Set Your Profile Preferences

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