Legacy Portal: Accommodations and Accessibility Options

This article provides information to help you to assist exam-takers who request accommodations.

Accommodation Rules

When setting up an exam-taker account, authorized admins can opt to enable accommodation rules that allow extra time and/or deliver all assessments in non-secure mode on all assessments taken by the exam-taker. 

Note: In the Legacy Portal, there is also an accommodation to enable spell check.

  • This applies to essay questions.
  • Fill-in-the-blank questions can include answer options with alternative spellings or variations in wording, but enabling spell check is not available.
    • For example, if the answer is considered correct if either the acronym or the spelled out word is answered, the question can be designed to accept either as correct.

      Admin Permissions
  • Legacy Portal: You must have admin permissions to manage accommodations; however, if you are a Course admin, you can manage accommodations for the exam-takers who are enrolled in that course.

Accommodation Examples

  • An assessment is set up with a time limit of 1 hour. Exam-takers without the "allow extra time" accommodation must complete it within the specified time limit. An exam-taker with a time-limit accommodation of 150% will have 1-1/2 hours, while an exam-taker with a time-limit accommodation of 200% will have 2 hours. 
  • An assessment is set up without spell check enabled. The feature is unavailable to exam-takers without the spell-check accommodation but is available to exam-takers who have this accommodation.   

Important: Accommodation rules must be assigned before exam-takers download the exam file.

These articles will help you to learn more about setting up accommodation rules for your exam-takers.


Accessibility Tips for Exam-Takers

The Exam-Taker Help Site has information to help your exam-takers to have a better exam-taking experience. Please share this information with your exam-takers: Accessibility Tips for Exam-Takers

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