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Important update (12/26/23): Turnitin and Anthology Blackboard identified a bug in the new API integration that impacts customers using Blackboard Ultra Course View . Anthology Blackboard is currently working to resolve the issue and have agreed to extend Building Blocks until June 30, 2024.

Next Steps: At this time, we recommend clients using Ultra Course View to pause their migration efforts from the ExamSoft Building Block to LTI until further notice. When Anthology Blackboard has the required update, we will notify customers immediately with guidance and next steps.


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Deprecation of the Blackboard Building Blocks

As you may know already, Blackboard is sunsetting the Building Blocks integration on June 30, 2024, which impacts the existing ExamSoft integration.


Reasons to migrate to the new ExamSoft Blackboard integration

We’re glad to announce the release of the API-based replacement integration for Blackboard's Building Blocks.

We'll provide you with support resources and detailed guidance to help you make a smooth transition.

The new integration will offer similar functionality, the only big difference will be the integration setup.

Note: Please also note that not migrating may result in the loss of certain ExamSoft functionality once the existing Building Block integration is sunset by Blackboard.


Find out how the migration hub will come in handy 

This page is created to assist you as you migrate to the new integration. It provides comprehensive guidance, migration FAQs, and video tutorials. Regularly checking the hub will keep you informed about your next migration steps.


How will the migration process be arranged?


Stage 1. Preparing

Choose time to do this (prior to June 30, 2024) safely without interrupting the learning process.


Stage 2. Testing

You may want to add a ‘test’ integration option to allow previewing the data changes from the new integration.


Stage 3. Deploying

To successfully install the new integration, please consult guidelines in the Resources section below or watch a video tutorial.


Is there a timeline for migrating?

We recommend migration to a new Examsoft integration prior to June 30, 2024 to avoid any interruption of the ExamSoft service.





Walkthrough: Replacing Blackboard Building Blocks in the ExamSoft Enterprise Portal


Walkthrough: Replacing Blackboard Building Blocks in the ExamSoft Legacy Portal

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