Benchmark Exams Faculty Workflow


Create and Post an Exam

  1. Navigate to the appropriate department.

  2. Navigate to the desired course.

  3. Select the Create Assessment button.

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  4. Select Benchmark Assessment. Then, select Create

    The Create Benchmark Assessment button is only available on the Benchmark exam courses, not portal wide.

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  5. On the Select Assessment floating window, choose the desired Benchmark Assessment.

  6. The exam will be created in the Benchmark Course.

  7. To make a copy of the Benchmark Exam in the live course where students are enrolled, select More in the upper right-hand corner and select Duplicate

  8. Use the radio button to select Linked Assessment. Faculty need to select and assign to the live course that they want to make a copy of the assessment from the Benchmark exams course.

    A copy of the assessment from the Benchmark exams course is always necessary to a live course in which your students are enrolled.

  9. You will automatically be taken to the selected course where you can finish posting the assessment.

Manage your postings

For more information about any of the options listed, visit the Post An Assessment article.

    1. Assessment Password: The system generates a random password. You can change it.
    2. Show/Hide Universal Resume Code:  You can give this code to anyone who needs to resume the exam. When the exam-taker enters the code on the Examplify screen, the exam resumes. This approach is convenient when there is an issue, such as a power outage, that affects multiple exam-takers. The Universal Resume Code will work for any student and for the entire duration of the exam.
    3. Dates:
      • Schedule Date: Enter the date and time for the exam
      • Download Start: Exam-takers should be able to start downloading the exam 24 hours before the exam Schedule Date.
      • Download End: The download period should align with the exam end time. 
        Example: If the exam is 75 minutes and the start time is 1:00pm, then, the Download End should be 2:15pm.
    4. Remote Assessment Deletion: Select the checkbox to enable this feature, and enter a time that is 1 minute past the Download End time.
    5. Ping and Release: (Optional) This option provides extra security. However, it requires internet access at the start of the exam. If that is not possible for your exam-takers, then we do not recommend selecting this option.
    6. Email Reminders: (Optional) If selected, this option will send the exam-taker a reminder of the date and time that you set.
    7. ExamID and ExamMonitor: (Optional) If you have Exam Integrity HR and wish to set ExamID and ExamMonitor, you can do so at the bottom of the posting. 

      This will use credits purchased by your institution.

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Finalize and Post Exam

  1. When your exam is ready, select the green Finalize button at the top of the page.


As Needed: Post Additional Copies for Other Sections

  • If you need to schedule a Benchmark exam for more than one section, create and post the exam (as described).
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