Examplify: Mac "System Events" Message

Examplify is successfully installed, but the following message appears.


Note: In some cases, this message does not pull the program name Examplify and uses the word 'osascript' as shown below. It is important to note that you could see the word Examplify or osascript used in this confirmation message. Both are granting access to the same area. 



This MacOS system prompt is triggered when Examplify attempts to install a version upgrade, including an automatic update. This message is prompted by recent updates in the operation system, and is not controlled by Examplify.

While this permission is required for software update, Examplify does not access any additional documents or data as a result of this permission. 



Select OK to enable version upgrade and ensure access to the latest features and enhancements within Examplify. If permission is not granted, the installation will not install correctly, and additional support may be required.

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