Legacy Portal: Global Settings

In the Global Settings section of the Admin tab, a user with administration rights has the ability to view institution-specific information as well as view and edit various administrative settings in the ExamSoft Portal.




Viewable Information

View your institution’s general global settings on the left side of the Global Settings screen.

Viewable information includes:

  • ExamSoft Account Name
  • ExamSoft Home Page URL
  • PrintX Settings (if available)
  • ExamSoft Account Type
  • Exam-Taker Settings
  • Examplify Settings and Version
  • Data Import Access Settings
  • Accommodation Rules Info
  • Support Information



  • Key Administrators are able to turn on/off available ExamSoft products. This tab is only visible to Key Administrators.
  • Upon turning on a feature that was not previously enabled, the user will be prompted to receive additional information.

    Note: Some features are an additional charge. For these products, enabling the product will provide the user a 60-day free trial. At the end of the trial, they can decide to purchase the feature.


Pre-Assessment Notices 

Create and edit notices (e.g., honor code, reminders, etc.) that can be selected when creating an assessment to appear before an assessment starts.


Assessment Types

Customize the assessment types available for Users to choose from when creating an assessment. These assessment types are available for both Performance-Based Assessments and Question Bank Assessments.


Home Page

Edit and customize the information on your custom Home Page (i.e. the login screen). Some examples of information that can be added here include Institution updates and news, minimum system requirements, and/or information needed to log into the portal.



Set a download disclaimer that Exam-Takers must accept prior to being able to download and register Examplify. Disclaimers can take the form of anything from the institution’s Honor Code or information about Examplify.


Email Templates

Create and modify email templates.


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